Thursday, March 3, 2016

Leggett Announces Plans to Have BRT Operating in County Within Four Years

From Left to Right: Councilmember Berliner, Councilmember Elrich, Couty Executive Isiah Leggett,
MCDOT Director Al Roshdieh and Councilmember Navarro
On March 2, Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett outlined his plan to significantly improve transit options in the County by:

Implementing BRT on US 29 within the next four years;
  • Starting Ride On Plus priority service on MD 355 from the Lakeforest Transit Center to the Medical Center Metrorail Station in less than two years;
  • Adding peak period express Ride On bus service on MD 355 from Clarkburg to the Shady Grove Metrorail Station to begin spring 2017;
  • Programming funding to advance the MD 355 BRT study to a Locally Preferred Alternative stage;
  • Requesting that the State fund the annual WMATA operating cost necessary to begin peak-period, MetroExtra service on Veirs Mill Road;
  • Evaluating options for design and construction of BRT on Veirs Mill Road once the State-led BRT planning study has determined a Locally Preferred Alternative in FY 2017; and
  • Continuing to fully support the State’s plan to seek Federal funding for the Corridor Cities Transitway and actively explore with the State opportunities to implement the system in phases to lower the initial cost.
Leggett sent a letter to Council President Nancy Floreen requesting the County Council’s support. Read the full letter letter online