Thursday, March 3, 2016

Jewish Council for the Aging to Present Awards to MCDOT’s Sam Oji and Jeff Dunckel

On March 11, Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) staff Sam Oji and Jeff Dunckel will be recognized by the Jewish Council on Aging (JCA) for their work in improving transportation options in Montgomery County for seniors and persons with disabilities.

Oji is the chief of the Medicaid and Senior Transportation Section for MCDOT's Division of Transit Services
and has served on the JCA Advisory Panel, worked as a partner to promote Connect-A-Ride, Call 'n Ride and
311 and assisted JCA in many other ways.

Dunckel is the County's Pedestrian Safety Coordinator with MCDOT's Division of Traffic Engineering and has
played  a vital role in the Seniors Pedestrian Safety Initiative.

“I am very proud of Sam, Jeff and all the MCDOT staff who work so hard to provide accessible and reliable connections for everyone in our diverse County,” said MCDOT Director Al Roshdieh. “Moving people and connecting places is our core business. To do that we partner with many different groups and agencies such as JCA to ensure that all households, seniors and persons with disabilities have more transportation options.”