Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Go Montgomery *SPECIAL EDITION* February 2, 2016

Go Montgomery



Al Roshdieh Approved as Director of the Department of Transportation

Today, the Montgomery County Council approved the appointment of Al R. Roshdieh as Director of the Department of Transportation (MCDOT). Roshdieh has served as MCDOT Acting Director since December 22, 2014. During the past year, he has reinvigorated the department’s mission and staff with a progressive vision for sustainable transportation that is outlined in a vision document that was also released today for the first time.  Read more.


Roshdieh Releases New Vision for Transportation in Montgomery County

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation’s new director, Al R. Roshdieh, has issued a document that outlines a fresh vision, mission and guiding principles for MCDOT. Developed under Roshdieh’s leadership during his tenure as Acting Director, the document reflects the innovative approach he is taking to create a sustainable transportation system. Read more.


The full document, “Moving Forward Together,” is available online.


February 2, 2016



Here's what Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett said about Al Roshdieh:
“Montgomery County is changing and to thrive we must meet the transportation challenges of the 21st century with fresh, creative solutions. Over the past year while serving as Acting Director, Al Roshdieh has clearly demonstrated that he is the right person to move MCDOT forward. He has focused on transforming the transportation infrastructure to be even more transit-oriented, bikeable and walkable; boosted innovation throughout the department; successfully strengthened relationships with the community and, through public-private partnerships, enhanced economic development. Roshdieh has proven that he has the vision and leadership skills to deliver the first-rate, multimodal transportation system that Montgomery County needs.”