Monday, October 8, 2012

SmarTrip® Card Changes Began in September

Since September 1, Metro has offered a $3 rebate for new SmarTrip® card purchases when the card is registered online. Cards will still cost $5, but a $3 credit will be refunded to the card five days after its first use. SmarTrip® online registration also ensures that the user doesn’t lose money if the card is lost or stolen.  Registered users can add value to the card via the Web.

Also since September 1, SmartTrip® card users will need at least $1.20 on the card to enter the Metrorail system (35 cents for the senior/disabled SmarTrip® card).

To make it easier to purchase a SmarTrip® card, Metro has added vending machines in all Metrorail stations.

Another advantage of using the SmarTrip® card is the Metrorail Fast Pass, which provides seven days of unlimited Metrorail travel.  The pass is only available on SmarTrip® and can also be purchased online or at station vending machines. Paper Fast Pass cards will be accepted through December 31, 2012.