Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Roshdieh Joins High School Artists in Unveiling “Knee Wall” Mosaics at County Bus Stops

As other student artists look on, Joanna Vigil-Coello talks about her knee wall mosaic "Furry Ball at an event with
MCDOT Acting Director, Al Roshdieh (far right)
On January 12, Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) Acting Director Al Roshdieh joined Arts on the Block Director Jan Goldstein and student artists from Rockville, Wheaton, and Richard Montgomery high schools in unveiling one of 20 mosaic designs installed on the “knee walls” of County bus stops – located at Hungerford Drive and Jefferson Avenue in Rockville. Read more.

This Knee wall mosaic is called Furry Ball and provides seating for those waiting for the bus.

Each Knee wall features a plaque with the student's name and title of their artwork.