Thursday, November 19, 2015

Regional Street Smart Campaign Offers Tips to Drivers, Pedestrians and Bicyclists on Staying Safe

The region's Street Smart safety campaign is offering tips for staying safe this fall and winter. Every year, crashes involving pedestrians spike during October, November and December. One of the major reasons for the increased risk is fewer hours of daylight.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 72 percent of pedestrian fatalities occur in darkness. That’s why everyone is reminded – drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists – to be more alert and obey traffic safety laws.

What should you do to stay safe?

  • If you’re driving, slow down and yield to people in crosswalks.
  • If you’re biking, obey signs and signals and ride in the direction of traffic.
  • If you’re walking, cross in the crosswalk and wait for the walk signal.
  • Fines for violating traffic safety laws can range from $40 to $500.
What should drivers do to keep pedestrians and bicyclists safe?

  • Slow down, obey the speed limit, and watch out for people walking and biking.
  • Stop for people in crosswalks.
  • Check and recheck for pedestrians, especially before you make a turn.
  • Give bicyclists room to ride – allow at least three feet when passing – it’s the law.
What should people be aware of when they are walking from place to place?

  • Cross the street at crosswalks and wait for the “walk” signal.
  • Watch for turning cars at intersections.
  • Make eye contact with drivers before you cross in front of them.
  • Wear something bright or reflective when it’s dark outside.
What about bicyclists?

  • Be predictable and obey signs and signals.
  • Ride in the direction of traffic.
  • Wear a helmet and use lights at night.
Safety tips, campaign details and more information about the Street Smart program are available online at