Thursday, June 11, 2015


Dan Sheridan is an outstanding employee of the Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) Division of Transportation Engineering. He is the assistant section chief in the Design Section and has been with MCDOT for 14 years. He leads the “In-House Design” unit, manages White Flint projects and leads MCDOT design and construction project coordination with the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). 

Dan was involved in an innovative project to build the first Dedicated but Unmaintained County road. Together with his colleague Rebecca Park, they led the design and reconstruction of Fawsett Road. This successful, two-year project was recently completed and involved extensive neighborhood collaboration – and resulted in a highly satisfied community. 

Dan led design efforts for the first roads to be built in the White Flint redevelopment area. He also coordinated with the Maryland Stadium Authority to have the roads included in the contract for the construction of the new parking garage at the Montgomery County Conference Center. Work should begin in the next few months.

For the Sligo Park Hills Low Impact Development stormwater management improvements program, Dan collaborated with DEP during rehabilitation of the neighborhood’s streets, curbs and sidewalks by MCDOT’s Division of Highway Services to manage the construction of 127 state-of-the-art stormwater improvements.  MCDOT constructed projects to filter rainwater and improve stream quality, including rain gardens, bioswales, tree boxes, bioretention gardens and permeable pavers in the public right-of-way. Again, the community has been very pleased with the results.

MCDOT is fortunate to have such a hard-working, dedicated employee as Dan. As a lifelong Montgomery County resident, he is committed to making the County a better place to live.