Friday, May 30, 2014

MCDOT Accepting Nominations for Landscaping and Photography Competitions; Applications Due June 20

The County’s Department of Transportation (MCDOT) is accepting applications for its annual Keep Montgomery County Beautiful (KMCB) Landscaping and Photography competitions.

The 28th Annual Landscape Contest is open to community groups, businesses, public institutions and other organizations undertaking landscaping projects that enhance the appearance of commonly owned sections of commercial or residential properties in the County.

For the 23rd Annual Amateur Photography Contest, photos of County locations or residents are judged on effective composition, originality, interest and relevance of the subject matter and technique. Subject categories include Montgomery County by day or by night, County landmarks, people and persons at work. An optional Youth category is also available for aspiring photographers ages 18 and younger who want to be judged only against their peers.

Applications for both contests are due June 20.

Visit MCDOT’s Community Outreach website for the landscaping and photography contest applications, contest guidelines and judging criteria, as well as photos of last year’s winning entries for both contests.

For more information, call MCDOT’s Community Outreach office at 240-777-7155 or email to request an application form either by mail or electronically.