Saturday, November 30, 2013

Highway Services Continues Second Round of Vacuum Leaf Collection

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation Division of Highway Services began its second round of vacuum leaf collection on November 18. Many trees did not drop their leaves until quite late in the season, so this has slowed Highway Services’ progress. Residents are encouraged to be patient while DHS trucks and staff work their way through neighborhoods.

The collection schedule for the second round of leaf collection is available on the County’s website.
Due to the unusual dryness of the leaves (which makes them extremely brittle), leaf removal this year is generating dust that may settle on cars, sidewalks and porches. To assist residents, Highway Services will dispatch a worker with a leaf blower to blow leaf dust off areas with excessive accumulation. To request this service, call 240-777-7623.

To determine if a residence is within the boundaries of the leaf vacuum collection district or view the leaf collection schedule, visit Highway’s website.