Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Metro Launches Unlimited 7-Day "Short Trip" Pass For SmarTrip Cards

On May 20, Metro’s $35 seven-day “short trip” pass became available for SmarTrip cards. Riders can buy the passes and load them onto a SmarTrip card from their computer or by using a fare card vending machine. Metro will discontinue sales of the paper version of the short-trip pass after May 31, 2013.

The 7-Day Short Trip Pass costs $35 for seven days from its first use, expiring at the end of the seventh operating day. The short trip pass is a good option for riders who take frequent trips between nearby stations -- or any combination of trips where the fare is less than $3.50 during peak periods.

The short trip pass also is good for unlimited Metrorail trips valued up to $3.50 during peak periods and unlimited Metrorail trips of any value during off-peak times. During peak periods, the pass can be used for longer trips (greater than $3.50), but the passenger must pay the difference.

More information is available on Metro’s website or by calling 202-637-7000.