Friday, June 3, 2016

Keep Montgomery County Clean and Green Landscape Beautification Contest Deadline Extended to June 17

The Rockshire Entranceway in Rockville was a participant in the Landscape Beautification competition for seven years, retiring last year receiving a Golden Trowel Award. Landscaping was maintained by the Rockshire Garden Club.

The deadline for the Montgomery County Department of Transportation's (MCDOT) Annual Keep Montgomery County Clean and Green (formerly Keep Montgomery County Beautiful) 
 Landscape Beautification Contest has been extended to June 17. The contest recognizes community groups, businesses, public institutions and other organizations undertaking landscaping projects that enhance the appearance of commonly owned sections of commercial or residential properties in Montgomery County. Landscaping along County roadsides, medians, or other public locations is also eligible for the award. 
 2016 Landscape Competition

Landscapes should emphasize environmentally sensitive plantings that eschew non-native and invasive species, help reduce stormwater runoff, minimize water use, provide wildlife habitat, and keep pesticides and fertilizers out of local streams.

First Place winner for 2015 in Montgomery County BY DAY category.
MCDOT is also accepting applications for its Annual Amateur Photography competition through July 1.