Thursday, January 24, 2013

Leggett and County Council Announce New Open Government Efforts

County Executive Ike Leggett announced a major advance in the County’s open government efforts that will significantly improve government transparency, accessibility and efficiency. He joined County Councilmember Hans Riemer, who initiated the open government legislation (Bill 23-12), to support the County’s efforts into the future.

The announcement included the unveiling of a new open data website that will provide constituents with convenient access to a growing variety of information; a new social media platform to encourage public participation on key County issues; and, new mobile versions of the County’s award-winning web portal, MC311 website, and Storm Operations website.

The new openMontgomery website includes four distinct portals:

  • accessMontgomery provides convenient links to existing digital services related to accountability, accessibility and transparency, such as MC311 as well as CountyStat performance tracking. It also includes direct links to internal audits, spending disclosures, contracts, open solicitations, budgets, and free WiFi locations in the County;
  • dataMontgomery provides direct access to data that includes employee salaries, cable inspections and complaints, residential and commercial building permits, hospitals, schools, fire stations, post offices, real property taxes and MC311 requests.
  • engageMontgomery is the new social media platform that serves as an informal online Town Hall Meeting or a place where people can share ideas on ways to improve the community. Users who sign up for an account are encouraged to offer their own ideas and to support the ideas that they like best from others.
  • mobileMontgomery offers a listing of the County’s mobile sites such as MC311 and Transportation’s Storm Operations with directions on how to bookmark them, as well as apps such as Library BookMyne, Crime Reports, and RideOn Real Time that can be used anytime and anywhere.
 For more information, see the County’s website.