Wednesday, November 4, 2015

MCDOT Honors its Outstanding Employees

On November 2, the Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) honored 30 of its best employees at an Employee of the Year awards ceremony.

At the ceremony, Acting MCDOT Director Al Roshdieh said, “I am proud of the talent and commitment of MCDOT’s 1,325 outstanding employees who deliver exceptional, customer-focused services. Our workforce is involved, empowered and appreciated, energized by their work, and eager to innovate and to create the very best transportation network possible for our community. Although the public may not be aware of staff’s efforts except in extraordinary circumstances, providing exemplary service is what MCDOT employees do day in and day out. Your dedication to our residents is what makes MCDOT great and what makes Montgomery County such a wonderful place to live, work, and play.”

In addition, employees were recognized for serving the County for 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 years.

The Employee of the Year 2015 award winners are listed below:

Director’s Office
Roselle Paquette, Office Services Coordinator
Rebecca Torma-Kim, Senior Planning Specialist

Highway Services
Roderick Brooks, Equipment Operator, Bethesda Depot
Gregory Bryant, District Supervisor, Colesville Depot
William Carter. Equipment Operator Poolesville Depot
Kamran Farooq (Fah-rooK), Inspector II
Tony Fogle, Equipment Operator, Gaithersburg Depot
Patricia Mitchell, Equipment Operator, Silver Spring Depot
Francis Zarr, Office Services Coordinator

Parking Management
Heriberto Bello (Harry-Berto), Compliance Inspector
Robert Reynolds, Public Service Craftsman
Benjamin Morgan, Planning Specialist

Traffic Engineering and Operations
Selvin Banegas, Traffic Signing and Marking
Joe Cavanaugh, Traffic Technical Center
Tanya Christian, Administrative Assistant
Chris Leight, Shift Supervisor, TMC

Transit Services
Harley Brockett
Jacqueline Brown, Office Services Coordinator
Dionne Clark
Joshua Fraser
Parviz Ghofrani (Par-VIZ  Go-FRA-nee), Transit Coordinator
Albert Hendricks, Transit Coordinator
Bernadette Hope, Bus Operator
Sean Jackson, Bus Operator
Faisal Khan (Fay-ZAL K-aan), Program Manager, Medicaid and Senior Transportation
Andre Lucas (Ahn-drey), Transportation Operations Supervisor 
Joseph Williams, Safety and Training Instructor

Transportation Engineering
Peter Clark, Real Estate Specialist III
Dan Higgins, Civil Works Designer
Frank Kingsley, Highway Construction Field Supervisor

Manager of the Year
Tim Cupples, Chief of the Design Section in Transportation Engineering

Longevity award winners were:

20 years
Dennis Allnut, Parking
Mauricio Barbosa, Highway
Scott Browning, Highway
Kimberly Ham, Parking
Michael Kinney, Traffic
Robert Osborne, Highway
Robert Paige, Transit
Rudy Ramierez, Traffic
David Robinson, Transit
David Smith, Highway
Sherryl Travis, Highway

25 Years
Miranda Clarke, Transit
Tracy Corbin, Transit
Jeffrey Dunckel, Traffic
Cecil Dunkley, Transit
Jacqueline Earp, Engineering
Clifton Harris, Transit
Posey Hawkins, Highway
Dennis Hubbard, Highway
Deborah Jackson, Transit
Kerry Jones, Traffic
Derek Logan, Transit
Errol Marshall, Transit
Charles Menter, Parking
Aruna Miller, Engineering
Thomas Moore, Parking
Ligia Moss, Director’s Office
Sean Ramsour, Parking
Anne Root, Director’s Office
John Slater, Highway
Craig Smith, Transit
John Smith, Transit
Paula Van Hagen, Transit
Sheila Wilson, Director’s Office

30 Years
Vishav Arora, Engineering
Jacqueline Brown, Transit
James Buppart, Highway
James Carlisle, Highway
Dorothea Epps, Transit
James Johnson, Transit
Anthony Little, Transit
Michael Lyles, Transit
William Mead, Highway
David Moss, Traffic
Dolores Myers, Transit
Deborah Nichols, Transit
Jeffrey Pearson, Transit
Stephan Richardson, Transit
Randy Scheetz, Highway
Kenneth Simms, Highway
William Stackhouse, Transit
Rex Thompson, Transit
James Waller, Transit

35 Years
Ronald Bynum, Transit
Gerald McCauley, Engineering
Veeda Wilkinson, Parking

40 Years
John Allnut, Traffic