Thursday, September 24, 2015

MCDOT Celebrates PARKing Day

MCDOT celebrated International PARKing Day on September 18 in three of its parking districts: Silver Spring, in partnership with Montgomery Parks, Wheaton and Bethesda. The event encourages transformation of parking spaces into another use for the day. It’s a way to promote public discussion about how we use our public spaces and right-of-ways, particularly in urban areas, to ensure we include green space and parks. It’s also an opportunity to boost use of alternative transportation and development of the infrastructure needed to support it. 

In Silver Spring, a park-like setting was created that featured plants, seating and a cornhole game. Bethesda had two spaces – one converted into an outdoor cafĂ© and the other a reading room. In Wheaton, staff distributed information about parking lot pedestrian safety and alternative transportation options.