Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Parking Availability System Installed in Two Silver Spring Garages: Provides Information on the Number of Spaces Available Before Entering Garages

Chief Administrative Officer Tim Firestine and MCDOT
Acting Director Al Roshdieh at the Town Square Garage
The Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) Division of Parking Management has installed a parking space availability system in the Wayne Avenue and Town Square parking garages located in Silver Spring. MCDOT is using the latest technology to wirelessly track the number of available parking spaces on each garage level and display the information outside every entrance and on each floor.
The Wayne Avenue Garage (921 Wayne Avenue) has 1,740 spaces and the Town Square Garage (801 Ellsworth Drive) has 1,265 spaces. The recently opened Capital Crescent Garage, located at the intersection of Woodmont and Bethesda avenues in Bethesda, uses the same technology to track parking space availability. MCDOT is planning to install a similar vehicle counting system in the Cameron Street Garage in Silver Spring later this year.
The car counting system uses sensors that transmit real time parking space availability to garage signs. When the garage reaches capacity, the signs will show the word “Full.” Read more.