Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Reminder to Motorists when Encountering Emergency Vehicles

The Department of Fire and Rescues Services reminds motorists that when they hear or see an emergency vehicle on call, CLEAR for them, following these simple rules.
  • Calmly pull parallel to and close to the nearest curb or road-edge and STOP! 
  • Leave room. Keep intersections clear, and never try to follow emergency vehicles. 
  • Enter into traffic with caution after the emergency vehicle has passed, remembering to signal. 
  • Aware - be aware of surroundings, keeping the radio volume low, and checking rear view mirrors frequently. 
  • Remain stopped until the emergency vehicle has passed, and check for additional emergency vehicles behind them. 
Motorists are reminded that failure to yield to emergency vehicles can result in up to $195 in fines and three points on a driving record.