Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Leggett Recommends Post-Annapolis Budget Amendments that Significantly Enhance Road Maintenance Funds

On April 28, Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett submitted recommended adjustments to the FY15 Operating and Capital Budgets to the County Council using funds set aside in March to address the uncertainty about State legislative actions. Along with other items, Leggett recommended adding $9.3 million for additional road maintenance and improvements.

Leggett has made road maintenance and resurfacing a priority of his administration over the last eight years. Compared to the prior eight years, his budgets have included $67 million – an increase of 80 percent – for arterial and primary road maintenance and $138 million – a 676 percent increase for residential and rural roads.

Highlights of other key transportation-related recommendations in the budget amendment will:
  • Add $18.5 million for Purple Line related projects at Bethesda Station South, Capital Crescent Trail, and the Silver Spring Green Trail; 
  • Fund replacement of the Lyttonsville Place Bridge concrete deck; and 
  • Add community grants to support senior transportation, behavioral health outreach and education, youth leadership programs and workplace excellence. 
Leggett is also continuing to hold in reserve funds for storm cleanup should Montgomery County experience severe weather this spring. More details on the overall budget request is available online.