Thursday, November 29, 2012

Metro Offers Enhances SmarTrip® Card

Metro now offers a $3 rebate to purchasers of the plastic, rechargeable SmarTrip® fare card.  The cards still costs $5, but a $3 credit is refunded to the card five days after its first use.  SmarTrip® online registration protects a rider’s balance if the card is lost or stolen and allows customers to add value to the card on the internet.

Riders are encouraged to take advantage of the discount offers available when using SmarTrip®.  For example, save 20-cents a ride, get free bus-to-bus transfers, and a 50-cent discount when transferring from bus to rail. 

Metro has added SmarTrip® card vending machines at all Metrorail stations.

To purchase a SmarTrip® card, go to Metro’s website