Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Construction Begins on Nebel Street Separated Bike Lanes

MCDOT has begun constructing separated bike lanes on Nebel Street in White Flint. The new separated bike lanes will run from Randolph Road to Marinelli Road. They connect to existing shared use paths along Randolph Road and Nebel Street north of Randolph and will also connect to future separated bike lanes on Marinelli Road.

The Nebel Street separated bike lanes are part of a larger network of low-stress bikeways planned for White Flint. In 2014, the County constructed the nearby Woodglen Drive Cycle Track. Separated bike lanes are planned for Marinelli Road, Nicholson Lane, and other streets in White Flint.

What are separated bike lanes? Separated bike lanes are similar to conventional bike lanes; however, separated bike lanes include some type of barrier between the bike lane and vehicle traffic. This barrier can be flexposts, parked cars, or a raised median. Along Nebel Street, the barrier will include flexposts and parking.

MCDOT hopes to begin work this fall on separated bike lanes along Spring Street in Silver Spring. Read more.

 Nebel Street Project Update