Friday, December 5, 2014

County Launches Website to Encourage Neighbors to Help Neighbors During Snowstorms

Winter has come early this year and with the cold weather may come the need to get the snow shovels out sooner rather than later. That’s why Montgomery County has launched a website about neighbors helping neighbors – during snow storms as well as other storms and emergencies. Part of being a good neighbor is clearing the sidewalks so pedestrians can use them as well as checking on neighbors who may live alone and need assistance.

Under Montgomery County law, a property owner is responsible for removing snow and ice on sidewalks in the public right-of- way within 24 hours after the end of a snowstorm. A pathway should be available that is wide enough for safe pedestrian and wheelchair use. Property owners who are unable to clear their sidewalks can call 311 or go to the 311 website to obtain a list of contractors who are available to assist.

Everyone benefits when walkways are quickly cleared of snow – schoolchildren, seniors, transit users, shoppers and anyone who walks to nearby destinations.

Learn more about the campaign on the County’s website.