Monday, December 30, 2013

Metro Extends Route K9 Bus Service Along New Hampshire Avenue to FDA

One year after the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) created the K9 limited-stop bus service from the Fort Totten Metro Station to Northwest Park, it extended the service to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)/Federal Research Center beginning December 29. The service will provide buses every 16 to 18 minutes during morning and evening weekday rush hours, further helping to relieve crowding along the busy New Hampshire Avenue corridor,

The K9 service has been very successful, increasing ridership from about 500 passengers a day to frequently exceeding 1,000 passengers a day along the New Hampshire Avenue corridor. Overall, ridership on Metro’s K6 more local service has also increased. The K9 extension is part of Metro’s Better Bus improvement program, a $5 million initiative to improve on-time performance and reliability while reducing crowding for customers.

See more about the K9 route (pdf).