Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pedestrian Safety Brigade: Working to Make Bethesda a Safer Place to Walk

Several trained pedestrian safety volunteers joined Montgomery County and Bethesda Transportation Solutions to provide information and giveaways at the annual Come Back to Bethesda event in October. The volunteers asked attendees to sign a pledge to be a safe pedestrian and/or a safe driver by writing their names on cards and attaching them to a large banner. By the end of the day, the banner was completely covered with the names of people who want to make Montgomery County a safer place for pedestrians.

The County has been targeting its pedestrian safety improvement efforts in areas with higher rates of pedestrian collisions. Staff trained volunteers in Bethesda, Wheaton and at several local schools educate walkers and drivers about how to safely share the streets with each other.

For more information about this program, or to become a volunteer, contact Joana Conklin in the Montgomery County Department of Transportation at or 240-777-7195 or view the County’s website (pdf).