Thursday, October 31, 2013

Volunteer Cyclist Promoted Capital Bikeshare by Riding to all Montgomery County Stations

Earlier this month, volunteer MoCo Epic bike rider Mark Mervine used Bikeshare bikes to ride station-to-station to the first 14 of the County’s newly installed Capital Bikeshare locations. Mervine was promoting the launch of the program in Montgomery County and encouraged residents to try this option for commuting and other transportation needs. In the next few weeks, a total of 51 bikeshare stations will be installed in Montgomery County.

The MoCo Epic is a two-day mountain bike festival that was held in the County. Among the sponsors were Capital Bikeshare/Montgomery County Department of Transportation, Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection and Montgomery Parks.

Open Bikeshare stations are shown on Captial Bikeshare’s website as is more information about bikeshare and how to join.