Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pedestrians Urged to Walk Safe, Drivers Asked to Look Out for Pedestrians

Time Change, Warmer Weather Brings Spate of Pedestrian Collisions

Montgomery County averages more than 400 pedestrian collisions a year. Each one is tragic, and this fact has once again been highlighted by a number of collisions so far this year, some of which resulted in pedestrian fatalities. With the time change to Daylight Savings Time this month, early morning pedestrians are traveling before the sun comes up. County officials urge pedestrians and drivers to be especially aware of each other, particularly during darkness and in bad weather when visibility is limited.

Drivers are urged to obey the law, watch out for pedestrians and:
  • Be aware of pedestrians and be prepared to stop. 
  • Don’t drive aggressively. 
  • Don’t drive distractedly – put away electronic devices while driving. 
  • Slow down and obey the posted speed limits. 
  • Be patient, especially when young children, seniors or persons with disabilities are present. 
Pedestrians are urged to do their part because even doing everything right – crossing with a walk signal and in the crosswalk – is not enough to guarantee safety. In a collision between a pedestrian and a vehicle, the pedestrian always loses. Pedestrians should:
  • Remain vigilant when crossing the street, because it’s a “danger zone.” 
  • Cross the street at signals, marked crosswalks and intersections. 
  • Don’t step off the curb without looking left, right and then left again. 
  • Be alert for drivers who aren’t paying attention. 
  • Don’t count on drivers to see you or react in time. 
  • Get off the cell phone so you’re not distracted. 
  • Don’t talk to friends while crossing – stay focused on crossing safely. 
  • When crossing, pay attention and keep looking around for cars. 
  • Stay visible after dark and in bad weather. 
  • Use pedestrian pushbuttons – they give more walk time to pedestrians. 
More pedestrian safety information is available on the County’s website.