Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ride On Bus Operator Assists Police in Finding Lost Child

Thanks to an alert Ride On bus operator, a missing nine-year old girl from Germantown was reunited with her parents.  In the early evening of December 30, police received a call that the child was missing after going outside to ride her bike. Police began an immediate search of the neighborhood, concerned that the 35 degree temperature was dropping as night approached.

After hearing about the situation, Ride On’s Central Communications supervisor, Karen King, sent a radio message out to all bus operators about the search. A Ride On bus operator Larry Lane heard the message while driving his bus through the area. A short time later, he spotted the child.  Lane stopped his bus, brought the child on board, secured her bike to the bus and returned her to her worried parents. 

Ride On bus operators are called upon to perform many duties, and in this situation, being a hero was one of them.