Friday, December 21, 2012

Don’t Let a Holiday Celebration Become a Tragedy

Every year, more than 400 people are injured in alcohol-related collisions in Montgomery County.  Always designate a driver when attending an event where alcohol is served.  If someone at a party has had too much to drink, see that they get a ride home with someone sober, or call them a taxi. 

The Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP), is a non-profit, public-private coalition formed to fight drunk driving.  Through state, federal and corporate funding, WRAP operates a free cab service called SoberRide.  Free rides home, up to a $30 fare, are available from the District or surrounding counties, including Montgomery County, by calling SoberRide at 800-200-TAXI.  Since 1993, SoberRide has provided 50,000 free cab rides to impaired drivers.

More information about taxi service in Montgomery County is available on the County’s website.